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Dear Twin is a short novel, geared towards readers of young adult as well as literary fiction.

In Dear Twin Poppy wants to go to college like everyone else, but her father has other ideas. Ever since Poppy’s twin sister, Lola, mysteriously vanished, Poppy’s father has been deeply saddened by Lola’s absence and forces Poppy to stick around.

Having always felt a strong sense of responsibility for Lola’s happiness and well-being, especially after witnessing the abuse Lola endured during their childhood, she hopes she can convince Lola to come home, and perhaps also procure her freedom, by sending Lola a series of nineteen letters, one for each year of their lives.

When not submerged in the most traumatic memories of her childhood, Poppy sneaks away with Juniper, her secret love and sole source of comfort. But negotiating the complexities of queer love and childhood trauma are anything but simple. And as a twin? That’s a whole different story.

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Dear Twin
Dear Twin