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Dear Twin is a short novel, geared towards readers of young adult as well as new adult fiction.

Dear Twin is a story about movement. The movement that comes with youth, in and around the every day, the every look and the every thought from father to daughter, sister to sister, unspoken. The movement that only figures to be real, to be truly felt by a teenage girl when the movement manifests itself in a more joyful form of the inevitable—dancing. In Dear Twin, Poppy is born into her mirror twin sister Lola; but Poppy falls into her love, Juniper. The movement that Poppy must negotiate between the spaces is how the story presents itself. Poppy is a character without precedent if only because Poppy cannot describe precedent; she is forced to keep moving, chased by what feel like literal ghosts, but actually is language. There is no along the way here, there is only an ending. It is not a search Poppy seeks, it is the feeling of how things feel when things end right. Poppy has been stolen from, Poppy has been taken, given back, come back. It is in the come back that makes Poppy keep going, makes her keep dancing. Dear Twin is full of joy and full of loneliness but it is the joy that lingers—the inimitable elegance that accompanies youth. Through Juniper Poppy finds tunnels, through Juniper Poppy finds the material of another day away from the only things she has ever known—her father, her mirror, and the cycle of melancholy that comes from being trapped with no direction to look but back. But it is Poppy who blooms with life, with color, because with movement comes facing forward—Dear Twin is epistolary and prosaic but uncommon; it is prismatic and saturated with the linguist of a highly specific type of youth—the kind that moves away from the obligatory movement of girlhood and instead moves for the sake of seeking the end rather than pretending to enjoy the in-between.

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Below is an excerpt, published in January of 2015.
Excerpt from Dear Twin

Dear Twin
Dear Twin